Mohir Innovation Group – where business meets innovation.

Since 2014, we have been designing, developing and supporting IT solutions in the fields of finance, tourism, retail and logistics.

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Make our country a better place

Our mission is to establish an innovative approach on doing business by automating the internal and external processes of the company using information technology.

Our goal is to assist you in the creation and implementation of a high-quality competitive IT product and to ensure a high level of loyalty of your customers and partners. Your success inspires us to find the best IT solutions.

Business automation

Our IT solutions will help you gain expected results from your business

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Reviving culture

Hoonar is a project that revives authentic traditions of craftsmanship

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About us

Mohir Innovation Group (MIG), the center for innovation projects, was established on September 15, 2014 with the aim of improving existing and developing new technologies, introducing new working methods through IT innovation.

Today, MIG is a huge base of knowledge, genuine experience and ready products covering the most diverse IT tasks.

Interesting fact

Over the year, office area of the company raised by 2350%


While still in development our projects have been granted various awards

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Heading staff

Zoir Davlatov SEO
Parvina Shukurullaeva Shukrullaeva Promotion Agency
Alexey Radzhabov IT Director
Komili Safarali Head of Kenguru.TJ
Halimov Parviz Manager of Kenguru.TJ
Habiba Daminzoda Marketing Manager
Imomov Saidakmal Head of Hoonar.TJ

Mohir IT

MIG IT is an actively developing IT company that provides a wide range of high-quality information technology products, solutions and services.

We strive for the widespread expansion and accessibility of modern IT technologies which are aimed to provide easiest solution for the daily tasks in the workplace.

The main areas of our activity are the development of projects with the various levels of complexity, the creation of business automation systems and IT consulting.



The company is also actively developing a new direction - “Hoonar” project. “Nowadays traditional craftsmanship has almost extinguished. We want to revive it!”

Hoonar is a project that revives ancient Tajik traditions of craftsmanship and expand our culture to the world. We also aim to go beyond national borders and make Tajik folk crafts a global brand. We believe that our folk crafts add distinctive values to the diversity of the world.



Служба доставки kenguru.tj — это команда современных и амбициозных ребят, которые пришли в в этот бизнес ради одной общей цели — прекратить употребление остывшей пиццы. Мы тоже не любим пить теплые напитки в жаркий день! Поэтому, если вы закажете доставку еды у нас, то гарантируем вам: еда будет с пылу с жару, напитки будут холодными, а салаты… А салаты той температуры, которой и должны быть.

Доставка через службу kenguru.tj - это не только качественная доставка 24/7, но и очень быстрая. Наш собственный рекорд доставки — 15 минут с момента получения заказа.


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+992 378 81 03 03